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Fitness Nutrition Hoist V Core

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Hoist V-Core Home Gym

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Hoist V-Core Home Gym


The Host V-Core gym was engineered with the philosopy that training of your core and stabilizer muscles to integrate and support your major muscle groups during movements, helps you remain strong and injury-free while performing daily activities.


  • Independent Adjuster Pulley Arms featuring HOIST’s DP3 technology (Dual Plane Pulley Positioning) allows you to define your own starting position. The pushpin sets the horizontal position, while the one-handed gas-assisted lever sets the vertical position of the pulley arms.
  • Multiple levels of user instability to focus on core development and provide the ultimate in functional training.
  • Dual pulleys for alternating or tandem exercises on the high pulleys and DP3 pulley arms.
  • Adjustable back pad offers support and stability for beginning/intermediate exercises or can be moved up and away for advanced exercises.
  • Wide groove pulleys on all cable stations provide greater exercise range of motion and longer cable life.
  • Dual high pulleys allow for independent or dependent pulley exercises. HOIST’s Split Weight Cabling increases cable travel and delivers 50% resistance to both high pulleys and DP3 pulley arms.
  • Patented Radial Loc weight system combined with vented shrouds provides smoother, quieter exercise movements.
  • Integrated accessory rack provides convenient storage for all accessories.

Accessories and Options

  • V Ride Leg Press (VR-LP) Provides an exhilarating leg workout that mimics natural, comfortable and functional movements of free weight training.
  • V Stationary Leg Press (VS-LP) Offers an easy to enter, step through design and swiveling foot plate that automatically self-aligns during the exercise.
  • V Combo Leg Station (V-Combo) Optional attachement for the new V Core or V Premier Gyms! Using ROX technology, the V Combo Leg Station features leg curl and leg extension exercises.
  • 50 lbs. Weight Stack Upgrade (W-C050-CH) V Core Gym standard weight stack: 150 lbs.
  • Adjustable strap handles (1 pair) and short strap handles (1 pair) for varying user heights and arm lengths.
  • Commercial quality ultra-light aluminum bars (curl bar, dual cable lat bar, dual cable short bar)
  • Padded ankle and thigh strap for comfortable leg exercises
  • Add-on weights to add incremental weight (1 - 2.5lbs. and 1 - 5lbs.).
  • Exercise DVD and wall poster included as a quick reference

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