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Torque Fitness F2 Functional Trainer (DEMO)

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Torque Fitness F2 Functional Trainer (DEMO)

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Torque Fitness F2 Functional Trainer


The F2 Functional Training System is a uniquely designed dual weight stack gym that offers independent functional training packaged in a low profile, high end cardio inspired aesthetics. With two adjustable swivel pulleys, each with 27 positions and 83 inches (1054mm) of cable travel, the F2 can accommodate unlimited exercises. When paired with a either a stability ball or the optional flat-to-incline bench, virtually any user stabilized movement can be performed. The ergonomically designed multi-use chin-up in conjunction with the press assist strap enables users of all skill levels to perform exercises they otherwise would be unable to perform. With it's integrated accessory, up to 10 accessories, a water bottle, and the included detailed exercise booklet can be conveniently stored and accessed during your work out. Features Dual independent weight stacks - Allow for simultaneous isolateral movement of both sides of the body Column width of 53 inches (1340mm) accommodates both pressing and fly type movements Dual cable column adjustable swivel pulleys - Feature one-handed adjustments that have 27 positions in 2-1/4 inch (55 mm) increments and 83 inches (2.11 meters) of cable travel Accessory storage - Built-in accessory zone neatly stores all standard and optional accessories, workout booklet and water bottle Integrated chin-up - With weight assist strap (enables weight stacks to assist user performing movements) Fast-Attach™ coupling system - Facilitates one-handed attachment and removal of accessories Torque Fork™ - Allows for quick and easy weight plate selections Sound-dampening weight stack - Bushings eliminate metal-on-metal contact for quieter operation Standard Equipment/Accessories (2) Independent 150 lb. (68 kg) weight stacks (200 lb. weight stacks are optional) (2) T-grip™ strap handles Straight bar Chin-up/press assist strap Leg boot Squat harness (2) Universal adapters with snap hooks Training DVD Workout booklet Optional Equipment Flat-to-incline bench - Integrates with docking location, stores inside enclosure, and features five different back pad positions (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°) and two seat pad angles (0°, -15°) all operated with fingertip selection Optional Accessories TQASH Adjustable strap handles TQMSH Medium strap handles TQLR Low row bar TQATS Ab/triceps strap TQB Baseball attachment TQSH Sport handle TQA Ankle Strap Frame Heavy-gauge round and flat oval tubing Electrostatic high gloss metallic powder-coated finish Cable 1/8 inch (3 mm) military spec 7 x 19 strand internally lubricated cables coated with 3/16 inch (5 mm) nylon jacket - rated for 2000 lb. tensile strength Pulleys Nylon/fiberglass pulleys ABEC-rated maintenance free ball bearings for added durability and smooth feel Measurements F2 Standard Length 69.0 in (175 cm) Width 43.0 in (109 cm) Height 83.3 in (212 cm) Weight 549 lbs (249 kg) F2 with FSFIB Bench Length 69.0 in (175 cm) Width 79.0 in (201 cm) Height 83.3 in (212 cm) Optional bench weight 66 lbs (30 kg)

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